iShip Solutions

iShip®, a comprehensive Web-based, multi-carrier shipping service, gives your entire organization Shipping InsightTM to make the smartest shipping decisions. Employees in any location can price, ship, track and manage important shipments over the Internet through easy-to-access iShip hosted services. Managers and Administrators also have complete control and visibility into shipping throughout the enterprise and are able to define shipping procedures, approve carriers and rates, and set shipping rules. iShip will:

  • Save you money and improve shipping efficiency.
  • Enforce your companys configurable shipping policies.
  • Empower your entire organization to make the smartest shipping decisions.
  • Deliver Shipping InsightTM to every desk in the enterprise.

How You Will Benefit with iShip

Our Web-based shipping services can help your company centrally manage shipping activities across multiple carriers and corporate sites while reducing costs. Here are some of the benefits of using the iShip Enterprise Service.

  • Control shipping across the corporation

    iShip provides tools to manage your shipping throughout the organization, whether you have one office or dozens around the country. You can define shipping policies at the individual, site, or company level. In addition, you aren't limited to a single carrier, giving end users an integrated selection of carriers and services to choose from. If you have negotiated contracts with carriers, those custom rates can be integrated. You have complete control over which carriers and services people in your company use.

  • Reduce costs with flexible management and shipping tools

    Management personnel can access reports that give complete visibility to corporate-wide shipping activities and costs. Employees have powerful shipping tools on their desktop, giving them the productivity of online assistance with shipping choices, while you avoid the expense of unauthorized shipments. Mailroom staff can link scales and thermal label printers into iShip. Its user interface is fast enough to keep up with high-volume mailrooms, but allows convenient and integrated service comparisons across all supported carriers and the extensibility to include your custom rates.

  • Increase productivity among corporate employees

    iShip gives employees Web-based shipping tools to directly increase their productivity. End users have their own address book to make shipping fast and easy. They can choose from the list of carriers you've set for them, print the shipping label at their local laser printer, or prepare a shipping requisition to place with their item - all based on the preferences and privileges set up by the administrator. They can also track their shipments and get e-mail notification of delivery, significantly reducing demands on mailroom staff. And since all of your account data is already in the system, it saves your staff time and reduces shipping errors.

  • Get a low TCO (total cost of ownership)

    iShip is based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means it is enterprise software that isn't installed on your internal systems. All the software and databases that manage your shipping are hosted on iShip, Inc. computers, minimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO). There are no server or desktop installations, no upgrades, and no internal IT resources needed. For companies with multiple locations, you don't need to purchase and maintain separate servers. We maintain it all for you. All you need to manage and use iShip is a standard Web browser.

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